Lack of Organizational Skills

For the second time in two weeks my oldest has lost a homework assignment. Okay doesn’t sound all that uncommon for most teens, but you have to be aware of somethings. I’m a very organized person, and it honestly drives me nuts, when others can’t do the same! Here’s just a few gripes about my girl and this issue:

(1) She has a nice big backback

(2) Within the backpack are a large zippered binder and several folders

(3) The binder has a spot for each class, plus pockets in it.

(4) She’s been taught how to keep stuff in binder 1000s of times

(5) We went through and cleaned the backpack and binder just last week

(6) Now she’s stressing because science is her favorite class, she loves her teacher and doesn’t want to disappoint the teacher by not turning in the work

(7) Work was actually due on Thursday, she was absent Thursday and still didn’t do the work Wednesday night or Thursday during the day. Teacher was absent Friday, so she figured she’d do it over the weekend and turn it in on Monday w/o any problems.

(8) She didn’t start looking for the assignment until Saturday morning.



UPDATE- she finally remembered, at 11:15 Sunday night that the paper was in her purse…ugh!



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