Successful day for the youngest

Today my youngest participated in her school’s Gifted and Talented Academic Fair. The students have to come up with a project dealing with science and/or history and create a tri-fold board with information and make projects to go along with their board. She chose the history of the telephone and has worked for two months at school and home on the project. She called it “Call me Maybe” and included information about the inventor and invention, how phones work and other historical milestones on the telephone invention. For her projects she made and demonstrated electromagnets and explained how they can be found in the receiver and speaker of a phone. She also made tin can phones to show how sound-waves travel and then she borrowed a rotary phone to have on display. Her artistic flair was present in her project.

The nerve-wracking part for her was the judging, this involve at least 20 random adults coming by and asking questions about her project. She doesn’t do well with crowds or with speaking. However, she worked through it and ended up earning a second place ribbon for her work.




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