Questioning ritual

As stated on my About page, I’m striving to raise my girls up in a way that brings glory and honor to God. One of my challenges is dealing with the youngest asking tons of questions during church and thus, distracting me. As the oldest one was working towards salvation, she only asked general questions with answers that could easily be found in the Bible. She also waited until after church to ask them. I want to answer her honestly and as accurately as I can. I feel that the spirit is working in her and maybe she’s on the way to establishing a closer walk with Christ. BUT, the constant questioning at church is almost embarrassing me, making me wonder if the preacher thinks I’m not listening or something.

For example, these were her questions, just during the Lord’s Supper portion of today’s church service:
(1) Why are deacons men? Why are their so many deacons?
(2) Were the 12 disciples from the 12 tribes of Judah?
(3) Why do we use grape juice instead of wine, if wine in moderation is ok?
(4) Is it wrong for me to wonder this stuff? Does it make God mad?

I tried answering, and then finally said, can you please type your questions on my phone or write them down and we’ll talk when we get home, I’m not even sure of all these answers myself.

Here’s the responses I can think of
(1) I Tim. 3 gives description for deacons, more people to serve the Lord/and the church
(2) I don’t think all the disciples represented the tribes, because some were brothers
(3) Grape juice is cheaper, and somewhere throughout history it just changed to using that.
(4) No, God wants you to learn, but he wants Mama to learn to, so write down questions and we can talk about them at home not when we should be listening.


Any input?


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