Disrespectful or Misunderstood? Gifted Students in the Classroom

absolutely an issue for my older child in her classes

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By Lisa Hartwig

Lisa is the mother of 3 gifted children and lives outside of San Francisco.

Gifted Students in the ClassroomI can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a parent say, “My child is gifted but he’s not one of those disrespectful know-it-all kids.” These parents are referring to the gifted gold standard: a child who knows the answers but politely participates in all of the class discussions with the appropriate amount of enthusiasm. Everyone wants this poster child, but they are hard to find, mostly because the traits that make them gifted also make it difficult for them to behave like model students. Parents might try to mold their gifted kids into this ideal, but it comes at a cost.

I learned the price of my son’s struggle to become a model student during our recent college road trip. We were sitting in a lecture hall filled with eager parents and…

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4th grade awards

The youngest had her school award’s ceremony today. She received a medal for A Honor Roll, certificates for Rodeo Art Contest (2nd place), Outstanding dedication in Running Club and P.E. award. Proud of my girl. We found out Friday that despite test anxiety she scored advanced achievement on her state math and reading test and met satisfactory/passed the writing portion of the test.

Last time in a jr high play

Tonight was the oldest child’s last performance in a junior high play. She played the sheriff in The Very Unmerry Adventures of Robin Hood. She did an excellent job. I must admit to silently crying on the way to the performance and back because of it being her last one. I’m so grateful she discovered theatre, she seems to have found her niche. She’s had good experiences with theatre and bonded with several people because of theatre. It was just bittersweet knowing it was her last performance as a junior high student. I look forward to her having a great time in high school productions and making lots of new memories.

8th grade awards

Oldest had her last junior high awards ceremony today. She received certificates for placing in UIL Science, Maps/Charts/Graphs and Poetry, One Act Play first place and All Star Cast, Outstanding in Theatre Arts, Outstanding in Science, First place jr paper at NHD Regional, Best of show research paper, Distinguished Achievement at state NHD contest and a plaque for GT Horizons. The GT Horizon award is something that GT kids work towards during junior high and requirements include excelling in things like UIL, being in National Honor Society, student council, etc. This girl has worked her rear off in junior high and I pray that she works that hard in high school and that it is a great experience for her.


Aww. my girls are growing up. It dawned on me this morning, Mother’s Day, that it was the first time in 16 years I wasn’t receiving a hand made gift for Mother’s Day. The step kids made them and then as my two have grown they have made ones at school and/or with grandmas. It was a big relief after church when the youngest handed me two little tulips she made in Sunday School, with “I love you mom” and “You are amazing.” Maybe they’re not quite grown up.

They did have daddy take them shopping last night and picked me up a neat assortment of succulent plants for a planter I’ve been wanting to fill up and they were very cooperative about doing their chores this evening..so maybe I do have a few more years where they still love me. LOL. My stepdaughter visited the middle of last week and texted me today and that was really nice.


Seriously though, I am so blessed to be a mother of these amazing girls and I hope that they learn just how much I love them and how proud I am of them. Thank you Lord for letting me be a Mama!

Win some, lose some

Went with the oldest to Texas History Day on Friday/Saturday. Remember she was one of the 8 finalist. She had to be interviewed by a panel of judges about her research paper. Unfortunately she didn’t advance to Nationals. We are still proud of her for standing up for what she believes in and for being one of the top papers in the state. I hate to see heartbreak/disappointment being experienced by my girls but it is something they need to learn to cope with.