first experience at Camp Invention

The girls were able to attend our local Camp Invention this past week. This was their first time to ever attend and we are all grateful for the scholarship they got in order to attend this. Oldest was a helper and the youngest was a camper. Youngest created a squirrel house with a friend of hers, built a car and created other projects throughout the week. Oldest assisted in a station and helped with gluing, disassembling and assembling items, she made friends with a girl a year older than her and they had fun throughout the week. It was nice to let their creative juices flow and for them to get to hang out with other kids for a while.

Missing my girl

My youngest has been at G.A. camp with church this week and I have missed her like crazy! This is her first time at camp. She’s spent weeks at a time with relatives, but this is def. a new experience for us. Fortunately, they’ve posted and text pictures throughout the week and she seems to be having fun. Will update when she gets home.