Funny but sad conversation w/ the youngest

The ten year old has really been paying attention to upcoming high school graduation this year. The only graduation she’s ever been to was my college graduation when she was four and of course her own pre-k and k graduation, so high school graduation is an unfamiliar thing for her. Her curiosity, I think in part is because of biggest sister graduating at the end of the week. She was real attentive during our church’s graduate recognition service and was asking about the different cords the kids were wearing on Sunday and I explained to her what they were (at least the ones I knew for sure). Tonight she saw a picture of a high school graduation on my Facebook and asked, “Why is that person giving a speech?” So I told her that the Valedictorian and Salutatorian typically give speeches at graduation ceremonies. She then of course wanted to know what that meant so I explained it was the two people with the highest GPA in their class. She looked me straight in the eyes and said “Mom, I’ll be number three in my class, even if I have to do it on purpose, because I’ll never stand up and give a speech in front of that many people”. 

LOL- seriously this is something she’d probably do, because she doesn’t like attention drawn to her for any reason.


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