Learning to accept Compliments


This is an issue that I’ve really noticed over the past six months or so with both girls…Accepting Praise. With all of her NHD accomplishments the oldest would duck her head when people approached her with “good job” compliments. Even at the school’s award ceremony she walked on stage ducking her head.

The very oldest went through a spell where she didn’t want to be “gifted” she didn’t like the extra expectations and attention that was drawn to her, I’ve read that this is common in gifted kids.

My youngest doesn’t like public attention at all. She’s the type that if she does good, just come up to her her and whisper “good job”, she doesn’t like being praised aloud in class.

Yet, raising kids with good manners is one of my goals so I will strive to make sure I’m modeling this type of behavior.

I’m attaching a link from Huff Post about accepting compliments- yes, I do seem to post a lot of stuff from them, oh well….


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