It’s been a while

Can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve blogged. Here’s what the girls have been up to

Oldest: drama practice after school twice a week, ready to start UIL academic practice, helped out at church serving during women’s retreat, enjoying gaming with a group of kids at school. She seems to have settled into high school pretty well. This week she’ll start having after school practice for tennis, so life gets busier!  Probably the coolest thing is that over the summer she signed up the Prufrock Press as a book reviewer during a promotion they were doing. She got a book that hadn’t been released yet and read it and wrote a review. Last week her review was published on their website.

Youngest: Running club once a week after school, American Heritage Girls meetings, UIL number sense practice and currently working on a drawing for a local art contest. She’s struggling with some issues at school- mean girls, but overall seems to like her teachers and had a test last week w/o any anxiety issues. That was awesome!

Parenting wise, they pretty much can’t stand to be in the room with each other. The youngest still wants to play and hang out with the oldest, but it’s not happening. I pray one day they’ll realize how wonderful sisters are.


A published writer

Last spring the oldest submitted poems to two companies for a contest. Her poems were published by both companies and she was thrilled to receive one of the books this afternoon w/ her published work