Thanksgiving with gifted girls

Lol- apparently I have denied my children an opportunity to learn for several years. We usually have ham and/or chicken for the holidays and for whatever reason, I decided to cook a turkey this year. As I was rinsing and prepping it, they saw me take out the bag from inside. They were like “What is that?” and I explained, then they wanted to open it up, look at each part, hold them, discuss what those parts do in the body, where the parts are located at on the body and then ask how you can use the parts in cooking. Seriously a thirty minute lesson before I gave up and went back to what I was doing….


What’s been going on in November

Oldest- first tennis match- placed second in mixed doubles, first high school play (no speaking part, but totally rocked her role), participated in youth group lip sync contest- had fun and did great job with “Let it Go”.

Youngest- still running, trying UIL Number sense, spoke at school board meeting about experiences in running club, celebrated 11th birthday.