I am the mother of three gifted girls. The oldest is actually my stepdaughter and recently graduated high school, so I primarily will blog about the two at home . One is currently in the 8th grade and the other is in 4th grade. The 4th grader attends a GT pull out class once a week and the 8th grader has a GT history class and a GT independent studies class as an elective. My girls are alike in many ways, but total opposite in other ways. I am striving to raise my girls to be God fearing women who respect themselves and others and to appreciate and accept how God has created them.

The ten year old likes art, fashion, music, math, playing outdoors and is energetic. She literally can go from wanting to fish to playing with barbies within the same day. She struggles with anxiety, especially when it comes to testing and changes in her normal routine. She reads at a sixth grade level, but doesn’t like to read for pleasure. Her art has gotten her into trouble several times because she writes/draws on anything, including our walls! She really hasn’t decided what she likes best: she’s done gymnastics, choir, dancing, soccer and is currently active in a running club. She starts stuff and wants to quit shortly after. She loves animals and we kid that a rabid animal would go around terrorizing every one else and then come lick her and wag it’s tail at her. I have to be careful with this one because if she asks a question and feels I gave her a vague answer, then she tells me “Ok, I’ll go google it. So I ended up answering things as truthfully and age appropriately as I can.

The 13 year old loves to read, especially fantasy and dystopian novels. She is very active in school activities such as academic contests and drama. She enjoys writing poetry and fantasy stories for fun, she hates being outside and could care less about what type of clothes she is wearing, comfort is all she looks at. Discovering theatre in sixth grade is probably one of the best things to happen to her. She really gets into the character and I’ve seen her gain more confidence because of theatre.  She has a tendency to become almost obsessive over things. For example, in second grade she read a non fiction story about bats and has loved to study bats and see different pictures of them throughout the years. For the past year she has been focused on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She likes watching the old and new episodes, drawing turtles and collecting items with their images on it. She’s a worry wart and a nail biter, she has always had a hard time getting her mind to shut down so she can sleep and/or getting her to stop reading or writing and go to sleep. Sometimes I have found I have to let her right whats on her mind, then she’ll settle down and sleep. I see strong moral convictions in her and hope that she stays true to them. One of my desires is for her to express her beliefs in a compassionate way that can lead others to Christ.

Oh and if all this doesn’t set them apart, there are physical things too. My 13 year old is 5 foot 7 inches and is obese, she is still a beautiful young lady,with long curly auburn hair. Up to about a year ago, she was always the tallest kid in her grade level. Now, she misses being taller than others. The ten year old has dirty blonde hair, she generally wears her’s shorter and is 5 foot 3, she is pretty much the tallest kid in her grade.

As for similarities, they are both very perceptive. This was noticed early in their infant years and we could certainly see it during toddler hood. “Normal” kids go through a “why” stage, but these girls have always done that, and still do. What sensitive young ladies we have, an this too has gone on since early childhood.  The oldest  is slowly improving, for years she was the class crybaby (maybe not in actuality, but to me and her it seemed that way). For her though, it’s not just emotional sensitivity- she has always been easily annoyed by different fabric types, tags on clothes and smells. The younger one is sensitive to loud sounds (except for some reason when she’s playing games), she also has issues with large crowds, mind you, this can vary from 6-100 people in her mind. Both have a high sense of justice,  and are perfectionists. They claim not to have very many friends, but seem to be accepted by other gifted or high performing students.

Remember I said I want them to be God fearing women… the oldest has accepted Christ as her Savior and been baptized, she is fairly bold in her convictions but hasn’t quiet managed how to share about him without sounding condemning. The youngest recently told me that she has Jesus in her life but doesn’t want to walk in front of everyone at church yet because it’s scary to do that. I don’t want to rush her and figure she’ll go when she feels led to go. My deepest desire for them is to know God and to put Him first in all they do, those are the true steps for them to be successful in life.


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